Albert Ezerzer Wikipedia, Death Cause, Actor, Suits, and d.b Woodside

Albert Ezerzer Wikipedia, Death Cause, Actor, Suits, and d.b Woodside
Albert Ezerzer Wikipedia, Death Cause, Actor, Suits, and d.b Woodside

Albert Ezerzer Wikipedia, Death Cause, Actor, Suits, and d.b Woodside:-Albert Ezerzer was a notable actor and former Transportation Management Facility driver. Despite his untimely passing at the age of 55, he left a lasting impression on the film industry. Throughout his career, marked by dedication and passion, he made significant contributions to acclaimed productions like “Interstate 60” and “No One Could Protect Her.” His legacy lives on through his memorable performances and the impact he made in his roles.

Who was Albert Ezerzer?

Albert Ezerzer (1959-2014) was an American actor and transportation crew member who played minor roles in films like “Interstate 60” but was mainly known for his behind-the-scenes work as a driver for casts and crews of various productions, most notably the hit show “Suits”. He passed away unexpectedly in 2014 at the age of 55. Though not widely known, he left a positive mark on his colleagues and the industry.

Albert Ezerzer Bio

Full NameAlbert Ezerzer
Date of BirthJanuary 31, 1959
Date of DeathApril 18, 2014
Age at Death55 years
Astrological SignAquarius
ProfessionActor, Transportation Driver
Notable WorksInterstate 60, No One Could Protect Her, Suits
Legacy Tribute“In Memory of Albert Ezerzer” episode on Suits
Marital StatusMarried to Rachel Ezerzer
Net WorthEstimated $800,000
Cause of DeathRuptured Aortic Aneurysm
Albert Ezerzer Wikipedia, Death Cause, Actor, Suits, and d.b Woodside

Early Life & Career

Albert Ezerzer, born on January 31, 1959, demonstrated his creative and compassionate nature from a young age. He embarked on a career in the film industry after completing his education, distinguishing himself through his work in transportation management departments on various movie sets. His involvement in the American series “Suits” further underscored his reputation as a committed professional.

Albert Ezerzer Wikipedia, Death Cause, Actor, Suits, and d.b Woodside
Albert Ezerzer Wikipedia, Death Cause, Actor, Suits, and d.b Woodside

Despite the brevity of his career, Albert’s fervor and skill were unmistakable to those who collaborated with him. His lasting influence on the world of filmmaking persists through the impactful roles he fulfilled behind the scenes.

Albert Ezerzer Death Cause

On April 18, 2014, Albert Ezerzer tragically passed away due to a ruptured aortic aneurysm, a condition associated with a high fatality rate. His work as a car driver on film sets, integral to transportation management services, was a significant part of his impressive resume. The film industry mourned the loss of a dedicated professional, whose impactful contributions continue to resonate through his work.

Albert EzerzerSuits

Albert played a crucial role in the famous TV series “Suits,” working hard in the transportation department. Aaron Korsh, the show’s creator, praised Albert for his unwavering dedication and strong work ethic. To honor Albert after his passing, the Suits team dedicated an episode titled “In Memory of Albert Ezerzer,” highlighting his importance as a beloved member of their tight-knit family.

Personal Life: Albert Ezerzer as Husband

In his personal life, Albert wasn’t just a talented actor; he was also a devoted husband to Rachel Ezerzer. Their strong bond and love for each other were clear, as Albert found happiness in both his career and his marriage. The special episode dedicated to Albert on “Suits” shows how he left a mark not only in the industry but also on those who were close to him.

Albert Ezerzer and D.B Woodside

Before exploring Albert’s impactful career, it’s important to address the confusion caused by misleading online content. Some websites mistakenly feature photos of actor D.B. Woodside instead of Albert Ezerzer, potentially confusing viewers. It’s crucial to clarify that these two individuals are entirely different, and any resemblance is purely coincidental.

D.B. Woodside is a well-known actor with his own distinguished career, while Albert Ezerzer worked behind the scenes as a driver in the Transportation Management department. Though their paths may have briefly crossed while working on the same shows, they are separate professionals with their unique contributions to the entertainment industry.

Albert Ezerzer Wikipedia, Death Cause, Actor, Suits, and d.b Woodside
Albert Ezerzer Wikipedia, Death Cause, Actor, Suits, and d.b Woodside

Legacy and Net Worth

Albert Ezerzer’s impact goes beyond his on-screen roles. With an estimated net worth exceeding $800,000, he established himself as a successful figure in the film industry. Through his involvement in numerous major film and television projects, he demonstrated his remarkable skill and professionalism, leaving a lasting mark on the entertainment world.


Is Albert Ezerzer in suits?

At the end of the show, before the credits roll, there’s a card that reads “In memory of Albert Ezerzer.” Albert Ezerzer worked in the transportation department for the show.

Are D.B. Woodside and Albert Ezerzer the same person?

After looking closely and analyzing the information, it’s clear that Albert Ezerzer and D.B. Woodside are not the same person. Although they might look similar, they are different individuals with their own careers and identities.

Who is the real Albert Ezerzer?

Albert Ezerzer was born on January 31, 1959. He is best known for his roles in “Interstate 60” (2002), “No One Could Protect Her” (1996), and “Covert One: The Hades Factor” (2006). He sadly passed away on May 9, 2014.


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