Brad Banducci wikipedia, salary, nationality

Brad Banducci wikipedia, salary, nationality-:Brad Banducci, the CEO of Woolworths Group, a significant Australian retail giant, has held this position for a number of years. Throughout his tenure, he has spearheaded several company-related initiatives and events, showcasing his dedication and leadership within the organization. His role as the CEO is well-documented and confirmed by reliable sources like Bloomberg and Wikidata. Brad Banducci’s professional journey and accomplishments are public knowledge, further solidifying his status as a key figure within the Woolworths Group.

Brad Banducci wikipedia, salary, nationality
Brad Banducci wikipedia

Career / Woolworths Group

Career / Woolworths Group -:Brad Banducci has had a diverse and rewarding career in the retail industry. He first joined Woolworths Group in 2011 when the company acquired Cellarmasters Group. Before that, he held various positions, including Chief Financial Officer and Director at Tyro Payments. He was also a Vice President and Director at The Boston Consulting Group for 15 years, where he specialized in retail. Brad has a strong commitment to sustainability and community engagement, as shown by Woolworths Group’s receipt of the Gold Banksia from the Banksia Foundation Awards. He has also been recognized by the New Zealand Wine Industry for his services and contributions. Brad’s professional profile is active on LinkedIn, where he shares updates about Woolworths Group’s initiatives and engagements. He has also participated in events such as “Meet the CEO” at UNSW Sydney. Brad Banducci became CEO and Managing Director of Woolworths Group in February 2016 after serving as Managing Director of Woolworths Food Group from March 2015. Before that, he was Director of the Group’s Drinks business from 2012 to March 2015

Salary / Nationality / Net Worth / wife

Brad Banducci Salary / Nationality / Net Worth / wife -:Brad Banducci’s net worth is estimated to be between $25-35 million USD. This estimation is based on his yearly salary and the shares he owns in Woolworths Group. According to the Woolworths Group Annual Report 2021, Brad Banducci received a total compensation of $6,108,440 for the financial year 2021. This included a base salary of $2,500,000, a short-term incentive of $1,875,000, a long-term incentive of $1,733,440, and other benefits. Additionally, he owns 1,029,906 shares in Woolworths Group, which were valued at about $37.5 million on January 11, 2024. Brad Banducci is an Australian citizen, but it’s important to note that these figures are estimations and not precise numbers, and his net worth may He is married to Anna Dudek, and they reside in Surry Hills, Sydney

Brad Banducci wikipedia, salary, nationality
Brad Banducci wikipedia

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Who is Brad Banducci?

Brad Banducci is the CEO of Woolworths Ltd, an Australian retail giant.

Who is the CEO of Woolworths Ltd?

Brad Banducci holds the position of CEO at Woolworths Ltd.

Who is Woolworths owned by?

Woolworths Ltd is publicly traded and owned by its shareholders. It is not owned by a single individual or entity.

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