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Fausta Gallelli wikipedia, ehemann, geboren, che sarà, jung claudia, andy borg, lena valaitis -:Fausta Gallelli is an Italian singer who comes from Calabria, a region in the southern part of Italy. She started singing when she was just 6 years old. She has performed in many places in Italy with different bands and has taken part in important singing competitions like the “Accademia della Canzone di Sanremo”. In 2008, she moved to Austria, where she has become well-known for writing and composing her own songs.In this article we will know about Fausta Gallelli’s Wikipedia Family, Career and Education

Fausta Gallelli
Fausta Gallelli

Career and Education / Geboren

Career and Education/ Geboren -:Fausta Gallelli, who hails from Calabria, Italy, began her musical journey at the tender age of six. Driven by her love for singing, she performed with several bands across Italy, mesmerizing audiences with her talent. Fausta’s career took off when she competed in esteemed singing contests like “Premio Mia Martini” and the prestigious “Accademia della Canzone di Sanremo.”Her unparalleled dedication and vocal prowess have earned her acclaim in Italy and beyond. Fausta has established herself as an accomplished author and composer, penning her own songs and collaborating with fellow artists. Her singles like “La dolce vita,” “Grazie,” and the crossover duet “Con te sarò” have received widespread appreciation.Additionally, Fausta has graced television screens and participated in prominent events. While there is no information available about her formal education, her musical success speaks volumes about her inherent talent and devotion to her craft. Fausta Gallelli continues to enthrall audiences with her distinctive voice and captivating performances.

Fausta Gallelli Family / Ehemann

Fausta Gallelli Family / Ehemann -:Unfortunately,do not any information about Fausta Gallelli’s husband. The results only mention details about her own career and her family, such as her mother Italia Gallelli, and her siblings Peter Gallelli Jr., Victoria Gallelli-Farricker, and David Gallelli.

Fausta Gallelli wikipedia
Fausta Gallelli wikipedia

Che sarà

Che sarà -:The song “Che sarà” has been sung by different artists, including Fausta Gallelli and Silvio Samoni. It was originally written by Italian singer-songwriter Riccardo Cocciante and has been sung by many artists in different languages. You can find Fausta Gallelli and Silvio Samoni’s version of the song on Fausta Gallelli’s YouTube channel. Silvio Samoni and Fausta Gallelli have also worked together on other songs, like “Al mare con te”.

Jung Claudia

Jung Claudia -:Claudia Jung, a German Schlager singer and politician, was born on April 12, 1964, in Ratingen, Germany. Her optimistic and romantic songs have garnered her a devoted following since the 1980s. Claudia has collaborated on duets with several international stars, such as Richard Clayderman, Rosanna Perinic, Nino de Angelo, and Cliff Richard. While she primarily sings in German, she has also performed songs in English, French, and Italian.In her personal life, Claudia Jung was once married to her former manager, Jürgen Evers, though the marriage ended in divorce. She later married Hans Singer, and they have a daughter named Anna Charlotte, born on August 4, 1997. Claudia has also dabbled in politics, representing the Freie Wähler party in the county and serving as a councilwoman for the Christliche Wählergemeinschaft in the community of Gerolsbach. With over 445,000 records sold and numerous gold and platinum records to her name, Claudia Jung has cemented herself as a successful artist. Additionally, she has showcased her acting skills as the female lead in the television series “Das Musikhotel am Wolfgangsee.”

Andy Borg

Andy Borg -:Andy Borg is an Austrian Schlager singer and TV presenter. He was born on November 2, 1960, in Vienna, Austria. His first album, “Adios Amor,” was released in 1982, and he has been recording music since then. One of his most successful songs is his debut, “Adiós Amor,” which spent 39 weeks in the German charts. Borg has released several albums, including “Gold,” “Santa Maria,” and “Blauer Horizont.” He has also hosted the popular ORF show “Musikantenstadl” since September 2006, replacing Karl Moik. Borg has been married twice, first to Sabine and then to Birgit Borg since 1999. The search results provide information about his discography, chart positions, and singles.

Lena Valaitis

Lena Valaitis -:Lena Valaitis,a Lithuanian-German Schlager singer, was born on September 7, 1943, in Memel, East Prussia, Germany (now Klaipeda, Lithuania). She achieved her greatest success during the 1970s and 1980s, and one of her most successful songs is “Johnny Blue,” which she performed at the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest, finishing second. Over the years, Lena Valaitis has released several albums, including “Die Welt der Stars und Hits,” “Wer gibt mir den Himmel zurück,” and “Stardiscothek.” She has also collaborated on duets with various artists, including Costa Cordalis and Hansi Hinterseer. Lena Valaitis has two sons, Marco from her first marriage and Don David from her second marriage to actor Horst Jüssen. While she has retired from show business, Lena Valaitis has continued to release new material in the 2000s.

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