Liz Golyar’s Wiki, Lover stalker killer netflix, Family, Killer and Case

Liz Golyar’s Wiki, Family, Killer and Case:-Shanna “Liz” Golyar, born in 1975 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, endured profound loss before the age of three and spent years in foster care. Her life took a tragic turn when her fixation on Dave Kroupa led her to stalk and ultimately murder his girlfriend, Cari Farver, in 2012. Desperate to cover up her crime, Golyar resorted to impersonating Cari online for years. However, the truth eventually emerged, leading to Golyar’s conviction and life sentence in 2017.

Liz Golyar's Wiki
Liz Golyar’s Wiki

Lover stalker killer netflix

“Lover, Stalker, Killer” is a true crime documentary on Netflix that delves into the story of Liz Golyar, who was convicted for the murder of Cari Farver. The documentary explores the complexities of the case, including Golyar’s impersonation of Farver online and her involvement in a love triangle with Farver and Dave Kroupa. It examines how what initially seemed like a stalking case unfolded into a chilling tale of jealousy and deception, ultimately resulting in tragedy. The documentary sheds light on the events leading up to the murder and the subsequent investigation that ultimately led to Golyar’s conviction.


Liz Golyar is currently serving a life sentence at the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women. In December 2016, she was found guilty of first-degree murder in connection with the case involving Cari Farver. Golyar’s conviction stemmed from her involvement in a complex and tragic story of deception, jealousy, and murder, which has been the subject of media coverage and documentaries, including Netflix’s “Lover, Stalker, Killer.” Despite maintaining her innocence, Golyar remains incarcerated, with no possibility of parole.

Dave kroupa

Dave Kroupa was a central figure in the complex and tragic story involving Liz Golyar and Cari Farver. He was romantically involved with both women, unaware of Golyar’s deception and the extent of the turmoil between her and Farver. Kroupa’s relationship with Golyar played a significant role in the events leading up to Farver’s disappearance and subsequent murder. Following Farver’s disappearance, Kroupa became a crucial part of the investigation, providing insights into his interactions with both women. His testimony and cooperation were essential in unraveling the truth behind the case. In the aftermath, Kroupa has spoken out about his experience, shedding light on the emotional and psychological complexities of the situation.

Liz Golyar's Wiki, Family, Killer and Case
Liz Golya’,s Wiki, Family

Liz Golyar’s Kids

Liz Golyar’s children, notably her son Cody Golyar, and a tragic incident involving one of her babies. There are mentions of accusations from Liz Golyar’s ex-partner, suggesting that she framed their son for his own murder. However, specific details about her children, including their identities and current situations, are limited. The media coverage highlights the sensitive nature of family matters, emphasizing the importance of respecting privacy, especially regarding minors.

Who is Liz Golyar?

Liz Golyar is a woman convicted of murdering Cari Farver in 2017. Golyar had an obsession with Farver’s boyfriend, Dave Kroupa, which led her to stalk and eventually kill Farver. She went to great lengths to cover up her crime, including impersonating Farver online for years. Golyar’s actions garnered widespread media attention, and she was sentenced to life in prison for the murder.

Liz Golyar Family

Liz Golyar was born into a dysfunctional family in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Her parents’ names remain unclear, but her childhood was marked by instability, including periods in foster care. Tragedy struck when her mother died in a car accident, and her father struggled with alcoholism before his death. Liz had two children, one of whom tragically died in infancy due to shaken baby syndrome. Her remaining family members, including her other child, have chosen to maintain privacy and lead quiet lives away from the public eye.

Liz Golyar's Wiki, Family, Killer and Case
Liz Golyar’s Wiki, Family, Killer and Case

Liz Golyar Killer and Case

Liz Golyar gained infamy as the perpetrator in the 2012 homicide case involving Cari Farver. Golyar, driven by jealousy and obsession over Dave Kroupa, murdered Farver, who was romantically involved with Kroupa at the time. Golyar’s actions extended beyond the murder; she went to great lengths to cover up her crime by impersonating Farver online for years, creating a complex and deceptive web of lies. The case garnered significant media attention due to its chilling details and the intricate nature of Golyar’s deception. Ultimately, Golyar was convicted of Farver’s murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Dateline: Secrets Uncovered – Where is Cari’s murderer now?

Cari Farver’s murderer, Shanna “Liz” Golyar, is currently serving a life sentence in prison at the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women. She was found guilty of first-degree murder in 2017 and remains incarcerated, despite her claims of innocence.

Shanna “Liz” Golyar: From Fatal Obsession to Life in Prison

Shanna “Liz” Golyar’s obsessive jealousy led her to murder Cari Farver, her romantic rival, in a twisted tale of deception and violence. Despite her attempts to cover up the crime through years of impersonation and manipulation, Golyar was convicted of first-degree murder in 2017. Now serving a life sentence at the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women, she maintains her innocence while Farver’s family seeks closure for their tragic loss.


Who is Shanna Golyar?

shanna Golyar, also known as Liz Golyar, was convicted in 2017 for the murder of Cari Farver in Nebraska. Golyar’s obsessive behavior towards Farver’s boyfriend led her to stalk and ultimately kill Farver. She received a life sentence for her crime.

Where is Liz Golyar now?

Golyar is currently serving her sentence at the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women. Despite an unsuccessful appeal in 2018, she maintains her innocence and believes that the real killer of Cari Farver is still at large.

Where is Dave Kroupa now?

Dave Kroupa lives in Nebraska with his girlfriend, Margie Hover. Despite lingering emotional scars, Hover noticed Kroupa beginning to relax during a recent trip to California.

What is the lifetime movie Cari Farver about?

The Lifetime movie “Cari Farver” is based on the true story of Cari Farver’s disappearance and the subsequent investigation into her case. It portrays the events surrounding Farver’s relationship with Dave Kroupa, her sudden disappearance, and the discovery of shocking secrets.

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