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Manuel Franjo Wikipedia, Età di, Manuel Ballerino, Lorella Cuccarini:-Manuel Franjo, a musical artist hailing from Venezuela, is renowned for his captivating performances and soulful melodies. His album “Solo por tu amor” showcases his musical prowess and has garnered acclaim from listeners worldwide. Franjo’s music is available on various streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and JioSaavn, offering fans an immersive listening experience. With his unique style and compelling vocals, Franjo’s songs resonate with audiences, transcending language barriers. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter to stay updated on his latest releases and performances. Experience the enchanting world of Manuel Franjo’s music and let his melodies transport you to new heights.

Manuel Franjo Wikipedia, Età di, Manuel Ballerino


NomeManuel Franjo
ProfessioneBallerino, Attore, Personalità televisiva
ConiugeNon disponibile
Data di nascitaNon disponibile
EtàNon disponibile
Known forApparizioni televisive in Italia, in particolare negli anni ’80
Opere NotevoliFantastico (programma televisivo italiano)
Momenti Salienti– Debuttato come ballerino a Fantastico
– Ha ottenuto popolarità in Italia negli anni ’80
– Conosciuto per le sue dinamiche performance di danza
Vita Personale– Stato civile: Non divulgato pubblicamente
– Famiglia: Informazioni non disponibili
Stato AttualeAttivo nell’industria dell’intrattenimento
AltroHa collaborato con vari artisti italiani durante la sua carriera
Manuel Franjo Wikipedia, Età di, Manuel Ballerino

Manuel Ballerino

Manuel Franjo, noto anche come Manuel Ballerino, è un ballerino venezuelano che è diventato famoso negli anni ’80 per le sue esibizioni televisive, in particolare a Fantastico. Fiorello, uno showman italiano, ha recentemente imitato Franjo durante il Festival di Sanremo 2024, riportando l’attenzione sul suo lavoro passato. Franjo è stato una figura iconica della televisione italiana degli anni Ottanta, collaborando con artisti come Lorella Cuccarini. Dopo essere stato imitato da Fiorello, Franjo è diventato di nuovo un argomento di discussione e di interesse per il pubblico televisivo italiano.

Manuel Franjo Wikipedia, Età di, Manuel Ballerino
Manuel Franjo Wikipedia, Età di, Manuel Ballerino

Lorella Cuccarini

Manuel Franjo e Lorella Cuccarini sono stati partner artistici negli anni ’80, noti per le loro esibizioni televisive che hanno segnato un’epoca. La recente imitazione di Franjo da parte di Fiorello durante il Festival di Sanremo ha riportato l’attenzione sulle loro performance passate. Franjo, un’icona della televisione italiana degli anni Ottanta, ha collaborato con Cuccarini in spettacoli come Fantastico. La loro partnership è stata caratterizzata da balli memorabili e momenti di intrattenimento che hanno lasciato un’impronta duratura nel panorama televisivo italiano. La recente imitazione di Franjo da parte di Fiorello ha suscitato nostalgia e interesse per le loro collaborazioni passate.


Today, Manuel Franjo’s recent activities include being featured in various media outlets, such as Il Giornale and Corriere Roma, where his recent appearances and appeal to Fiorello are discussed. Additionally, he has been active on Instagram, where he shares updates with his followers. There are also mentions of his past career as a dancer with Lorella Cuccarini.

Quanti anni ha manuel

Mi scuso per l’inconveniente. Purtroppo, non ci sono informazioni disponibili riguardo all’età attuale di Manuel Franjo.

Vita privata

Manuel Franjo’s private life. This could mean that there are few reliable sources providing insights into his personal affairs, such as relationships, family background, and current residency. It may also imply that Franjo intentionally maintains privacy regarding certain aspects of his life, making it challenging for the public to access comprehensive details. Additionally, it could indicate that there is a lack of recent or updated information on these matters, leaving gaps in our understanding of his private life. Overall, “limited information” suggests a scarcity or inadequacy of data available for public consumption concerning Manuel Franjo’s personal life.


Unfortunately, there is no information available indicating whether Manuel Franjo has a partner.


Unfortunately, there is no information available regarding whether Manuel Franjo and Fiorello are partners.


Manuel Franjo having a wife or children. Therefore, it can be inferred that he is not married and does not have any children.


“Fantastico” is a popular Italian television variety show known for its entertainment, music, and comedy segments. It has featured various hosts and performers over the years, including Manuel Franjo, a Venezuelan dancer who gained fame through his appearances on the show. Franjo’s performances on “Fantastico” contributed to his popularity and recognition in the entertainment industry.

Manuel Franjo Wikipedia, Età di, Manuel Ballerino
Manuel Franjo Wikipedia, Età di, Manuel Ballerino

Enzo paolo turchi

Enzo Paolo Turchi and Manuel Franjo are both prominent figures in the Italian entertainment industry, particularly known for their involvement in dance and television. While there isn’t direct information available about a specific relationship between the two, they may have crossed paths or collaborated on television programs, especially considering their shared background in dance and performance. Turchi’s role as a dancer and choreographer, often seen on shows like “Fantastico,” may have intersected with Franjo’s career as a dancer and entertainer. However, without specific details, the nature of their relationship remains unclear.

Pippo Baudo

Pippo Baudo is a renowned Italian television presenter, actor, and singer, known for his long and successful career in Italian television. He has hosted numerous popular TV shows, including the prestigious Sanremo Music Festival, which he has presented several times. Baudo is considered one of the most iconic figures in Italian television history, and his contributions to the entertainment industry have earned him widespread recognition and admiration.

Manuel Franjo’s relationship with Pippo Baudo is primarily professional. Franjo, a Venezuelan-born dancer, gained recognition in Italy for his appearances on television shows like “Fantastico,” where he performed alongside Baudo. Baudo, a well-known Italian television presenter and host, played a significant role in Franjo’s career by providing him with opportunities to showcase his talent on popular TV programs. Their collaboration on shows like “Fantastico” helped Franjo gain popularity among Italian audiences and establish himself as a respected dancer and entertainer in the country.

Carmen Russo

Carmen Russo is an Italian dancer, actress, and television personality known for her work in various Italian TV shows, films, and stage productions. She gained attention not only for her professional endeavors but also for her marriage to Enzo Paolo Turchi, a prominent Italian dancer, choreographer, and TV personality. Their relationship has been widely covered by the media, and they have often appeared together on television shows and in interviews. However, there is no known direct relationship between Carmen Russo and Manuel Franjo, another figure in the entertainment industry. While both are associated with Italian entertainment, there is no evidence to suggest any personal or professional connection between them.

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Manuel Franjo Wikipedia, Età di, Manuel Ballerino

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